Wood-Tek Shelving & Cabinetry: Combine the strength and durability of our steel shelving with the elegance of wood paneling.  Retrieval now offers Wood-Tek in many categories of shelving and cabinetry, from bookcases to mobile systems!   Wood-Tek blends perfectly with the warm, professional feel of your office, practice, library, or school - and still allows you to store heavy books and documents!

What is the advantage?

Unlike traditional wood cabinetry or millwork, Wood-Tek shelving is steel at the core, keeping it rigid and level. The wood trim provides an elegant look while the steel shelving allows superior functionality. As with other steel shelving products, Wood-Tek is highly adjustable - unlike millwork shelving that is often constructed in one fixed position. Each 36" x 12" span of Wood-Tek shelving can support over 300 pounds - and you will never have to worry about it sagging or breaking! Just imagine how much can be stored in a Wood-Tek mobile storage system!

What options can I choose from?

Two models of Wood-Tek shelving are available - the Diplomat and the Federal. Within these models, there are many elements of customization available - take a look below to see how you can create the perfect match for your office decor!