Installation Tips: Follow the guide below and see how easy installing your shelving can be!

Written Guide   •   Video Walkthroughs

Written Guide

Step 1: Position uprights.

Lift your uprights into a vertical position as shown. Temporarily install a shelf support between the uprights to ensure that the spacing between them is accurate.

Step 2: Build the bottom frame.

Place the front and back supports for the lowest shelf.

Step 3: Install shelves.

Place the bottom shelf over the supports you installed in Step 2. Then add the front and back supports for the next shelf, add the shelf, and repeat until your shelf is complete!

Step 4: Add additional sections.

If you have additional shelving units, they may be added to the first as shown in the diagram. An additional upright with a common center must be used to add extra sections.

Video Walkthroughs

Installing Rails (Mobile Shelving Only)

Installing Uprights

Installing Shelves

Installing Drivebox (Mobile Shelving Only)

Installing Fixed Carriages (Mobile Shelving Only)