Security Options: We offer several security options for your filing equipment so that you can keep important documents secure.  Take a look at our list below, or call us at (800) 447-0523 and we will be happy to help you select the right option for your application.

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Locking Mobile Storage

Secure your mobile storage shelves with a built-in locking mechanism or by adding a floor-mounted lock. These options keep your mobile systems from moving, securely rendering their contents inaccessible without the appropriate key.

Rolling (Tambour) Door

Tambour doors roll down from the top of the cabinet, protecting the contents inside. The door unit takes up additional space on the top of the cabinet but does not require space in front of the unit as a hinged door would.

Locking Rotary Cabinet

Rotary cabinets pivot inside their enclosure, allowing you to spin the unit to access your files, or spin and lock it closed. Rotary cabinets allow you to easily store and access your files within a very small footprint.

Conventional Hinged Door

These doors open outward, with hinges on the vertical face of the cabinet.

Sliding Door

Sliding doors move laterally to provide access to the contents inside.

Retractable (Flipper) Door

Retractable doors move up into the shelf to allow uncluttered access to your files, and then extend down over the shelf to protect your documents.

Magazine (Flip-Up) Door

Magazine doors allow you to present documents on an attractive display shelf, while providing locking access to a storage area beneath each shelf.

Locking File Door

Locking file doors are the conventional means to secure documents in vertical or lateral filing cabinets.

Divided Door

Divided doors extend the traditional locking file door concept by providing compartmentalized storage for office supplies, multimedia, and small items.