Museum Storage: the perfect solution for storing large volumes of artifacts or archives in a small footprint.  With over 40 years of experience, our experts can design a custom storage solution to fit the exact needs of your office or storeroom.  We handle every step of the process, with nationwide delivery and installation!

For years we have helped museums nationwide with their collections storage needs. Our storage solutions can help you maximize your storage space to meet the demands of your ever-growing collection. We understand that your artifacts and historical documents are delicate and irreplaceable, and our specialists will work with you to install a system that perfectly matches the specific needs of your collection.

Do you have fragile books that need to lay flat? We can install shelving with several short, wide shelves just for these documents.

Do you have large artifacts that don't seem to fit anywhere? We can install large, dedicated artifact shelving to store your artifacts safely.

Do you need to secure extremely rare or fragile collections? We offer many varieties of locking shelving and heavy-duty cabinets.

Organize your collection today! Call us at (800) 447-0523 and our filing specialists can help you find the perfect storage solution for your specific needs.

Why use mobile storage?

We recommend mobile storage for maximizing your collections storage space. Mobile storage allows large volumes of archives or artifacts to be stored in a very small footprint. Shelves are arranged on a track so that they may be moved and accessed as needed. By eliminating the need for walkways between shelves, the minimum storage footprint is effectively halved, providing maximum utilization of your limited space! This storage method also enables easy sorting and retrieval of items. Locking units are available to keep rare artifacts or documents secure. Learn more about mobile storage!

Non-mobile storage options are also available for your artifact storage needs. Call us at (800) 447-0523 and our filing specialists can help you determine which type of storage is best for your specific needs.

How is it installed?  Do I need a new storeroom?

Our filing specialists will custom-design a storage solution to fit the exact needs and dimensions of your existing office space. You do not need a new storeroom - in fact, you will find that you will have more space left over after installing our space-saving shelving! Our factory-trained installers have years of experience, with a track record of many successful installations. From our first CAD model of your storage space to the final installed product, we are so proud of our installation process that each one is guaranteed for two full years!